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Crystal Healing Workshop

With Caroline Frost


Saturday August 1st

10. 00am – 4.00pm, Barnes Healing Church


An inspiring, fun and informative workshop which will deepen your knowledge of crystals and also give you some lovely, gentle healing.  

Come along and have the chance to ‘play’ with a selection of lovely crystals in a safe and sacred space.   Together we will experience the healing power of crystals:


  • Meditation – how crystals can deepen your meditation

  • Working with crystals for self healing.  You will experience a deep healing using crystals, for yourself at whatever level is appropriate for you on the day

  • Healing others using crystals.  We will work safely with others to create a healing experience using crystals.

By the end of the workshop you’ll have deepened your knowledge and experience of how the crystalline realm can enhance your lives and deepen your spiritual practice.


Price £20, of which £10 goes to Barnes Healing Church.



More special events and workshops coming soon.

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